How we serve Aotearoa

We’re here to do work that matters to New Zealand, test assumptions, ask questions and advocate for all kiwis.

Stewards for New Zealand

We want our work to maximise the societal benefits of digital and data-driven technologies. We want to help increase equality and inclusivity, wellbeing and community resilience in New Zealand. And we want to look beyond technology to the long term impact it has on our country.

Diverse voice on technology

We want to contribute a range of views about technology. We want to support everyday New Zealanders to succeed in an age where technology can either hinder or help.

Diverse and inclusive

We’re here to listen to ideas. We want to hear a range of views and draw on a variety of expertise and communities of interest. That’s how we’ll achieve our goal of providing balanced and trusted advice to government.

Delivery focused

We’re here to do work that matters to New Zealand. And we’re here to add value by adding to what’s already being done and suggesting new directions.

A group who challenges the norm

While we value existing expertise and best practice, we are also willing to test assumptions, ask challenging questions and advocate for new norms in New Zealand’s digital and data landscape.

Accountable and prudent

We’re committed to using our resources wisely, with care and in the spirit of public service. We’re here to support the government’s ambition for a digitally-progressive, equitable and inclusive society.

Neutral and open

We’re not wedded to a particular technology. We’re impartial and politically neutral. We want our work and the information we draw on and publish to be easy-to-find and accessible.