Towards trustworthy and trusted automated decision-making in Aotearoa

Weekly update | 2020-12-18 | By: Digital Council for Aotearoa
The Minister and Council members grouped standing together smiling at the camera. Mitchell Pham in centre holds a copy of the report. Wooden door, table and bookcase in background.
Council members present ADM report to Minister Clark: From left Hon Dr David Clark, Kendall Flutey, Marianne Elliott, Mitchell Pham, Colin Gavaghan, Nikora Ngaropo, Rachel Kelly

Key themes from our research into trust in automated decision-making (ADM)

When it comes to what makes people feel more comfortable about automated decision making, our research includes some clear themes.

  1. Participants thought that ADM, with its ability to process data fast and at scale, is well suited to some situations.
  2. However, they also see disadvantages and potential harms. They are worried about the potential to embed bias and automate discrimination with ADM — especially with decisions that have a high impact on people’s lives.

What would make people trust ADM more and make it worthy of their trust

People provided clear suggestions about what would make them feel more comfortable in situations where ADM is used.

  1. Transparency and clear communication about how the government uses ADM is required.

Next steps

The Minister is considering these recommendations. We will work with him in the new year to determine a date for releasing our full report to the public. We will work with the government to ensure that our recommendations, and the actions grown out of our research and engagement with communities, are understood and implemented.

Thank you

We thank those who carried out research on our behalf, wisely advised us, and who collectively partnered with us. We thank the workshop participants who shared their concerns, hopes and aspirations with us. Thank you for your openness, frankness, honesty and passion. It is your voices that energise us to work towards a future where digital and data-driven technologies are designed and used with ambition and care for both individual and collective good. Where digital and data-driven technologies are used in ways that give effect to Te Tiriti o Waitangi, grow trust, embrace innovation, and increase equity.