Our workstream for 2021: Inclusion

We’re considering our work plan for 2021 and where we can add most value in the digital inclusion space. 

Why digital inclusion

All individuals, whānau, communities, businesses and organisations should be able to access and use digital tools to participate in, benefit from, and contribute to our world.

We believe that:

  • individuals have the digital access, skills, trust and motivation they need to be digitally included and protected. At the moment more than one in five people are not digitally included in Aotearoa
  • digital and data-driven technologies are equitable and fair, and people affected by them get a say in how they are designed and built 
  • SMEs and other businesses have the digital tools and skills they need to have a digital presence that works for them
  • people who do not use digital devices and the internet can still access key goods and services in ways that work for them.