What others are doing

Interesting articles, initiatives, policies that are informing our thinking around ADM.



  • The Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation in the UK was set up to scan for opportunities and risks arising from the use of artificial intelligence, and to identify gaps in the national response. They're a similar body to the Digital Council. We’ve been keeping in touch with them over their experiences of being an advisory body, their approach to providing an advisory function, and the issues in AI they’re grappling with.
  • The AI Barometer was published by the CDEI in the UK. It analyses the most pressing opportunities, risks, and governance challenges associated with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and using data. 
  • Addressing trust in public sector data use is another report by the CDEI in the UK. 
  • The Canadian Directive on Automated Decision Making took effect on 1 April 2019. The Canadian Government has been sharing with us their lessons around how it was developed and is being implemented.
  • The OECD principles of responsible use of AI. These promote artificial intelligence (AI) that is innovative and trustworthy and that respects human rights and democratic values.